A System to Build (Almost) Any Project

Making “just start already!” easier

This article is for myself and everyone like me who is very good at starting projects, but is having a harder time continuing the work.

1. Mapping where you & your project are right now
2. Setting the direction & outcome where you want to be
3. Structure & plan how you’re going to get there
4. What you have to do to get there & how to do it
5. Reflect on whether you got there, or not yet

Where to start?

Where do we want to be?

Let’s find a balance in:
Time spent consciously working on what you genuinely want & time spent being on autopilot, repeating the past.

How do we get there?

Ask: What is currently happening in my life that prompts me to make a decision & take action?

Then: Simply build on top of that..

Create a reusable, repeatable system for yourself

From a project to the start of your new life

And repeat..

  • We start with an initial call where we do a diagnosis
  • I create a personalized curriculum to work on together
  • We start the program, or any other workshop needed in your case.
  • Together we plan the next steps and when/how works best for you.




Working with, learning and teaching new ways of working

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Robin van Wijk

Robin van Wijk

Working with, learning and teaching new ways of working

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